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Amazing Selling Machine 8 Course Review

In today’s digital age, anyone can become a seller on popular websites, such as Amazon, to bring in some extra money or create a full-fledged full-time business. Resources, such as the new 2017 Amazing Selling Machine 8, can help you create and cultivate your business goals.

Just a reminder that if you do purchase Amazing Selling Machine 8 through these links I will receive a commission. My partner Mike and myself have found success in this business. However having the right instruction, support and resources is no guarantee of success. Above all you must be prepared to work hard, learn new things and take continuous action. This is an expensive course but there is a money back guarantee if you follow the guidelines and decide it is not going to work for you. Thanks.




What is The Amazing Selling Machine 8?

The Amazing Selling Machine could help you realize your entrepreneurial goals and objectives. If you’re wanting to sell goods and services, especially on the platform, this $3,500 all-inclusive service could be what you need to motivate yourself to begin your business dreams. The Amazing Selling Machine 2017 is a course that contains several modules, and you are free to go at your own pace, on your own schedule.

The Amazing Selling Machine 8 tells you about customer bases and what you need to do to attract people to your product on Amazon. The course gives you all the information you need, from start to finish, so you feel prepared to take on your Amazon endeavor and begin selling. It gives you more flexible financial freedom while also allowing you to become a more structured business.

How To Sell Something On Amazon

From the casual seller to multimillion-dollar corporation, Amazon has a whole host of products that get in front of millions of eyes. If you have a used school textbook to sell or your own line of organic beauty products, Amazon is a versatile platform, friendly for all types of users and demographics.

According to Amazon, to begin the selling process on its website, follow these basic tips to get started:

1. Make a decision regarding what you want to sell as it pertains to your business plan.
2. Assign your product to a category on Amazon. Individual sellers can choose from more than 20 categories; if you are a Professional Seller, then you will qualify for 10 or more additional selling categories to reach more buyers.
3. Browse and choose from one of two selling platforms on Amazon. You can pay a monthly subscription of $39.99 to sell an unlimited number of products. If you want to pay per listing instead of having a monthly fee, however, then you will be $0.99 per listing when your item sells on Amazon, and you will be limited to selling 40 or less items per month. Other selling fees for both types of accounts apply.
4. Create your account on Seller Central and make any necessary modifications.
5. Upon registering, begin to list your items. You can list individual items, or if you are a Professional Seller, then you can use bulk tools to add batches of items at a time — in order to save some time. You will want to list something that is already on, or you can list something that isn’t currently on the site. (For items not currently being sold on Amazon, you will have to provide the UPC/EAN and SKU, as well as all product attributes, like description, title, photos, keywords and other information.)
6. Set up how much you would like for your product. Do your research to make sure you are providing fair, yet competitive, pricing for your item.
7. Your products will show up to buyers when they type in your item keywords. People can purchase your item in myriad ways, from one-click ordering to standard website practices.
8. Once your item sells, you can ship it using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), which allows Amazon to do the shipping for you. You could also choose to handle the shipping process yourself.
9. Once the payment for the item comes through, Amazon will serve as the liaison and will be the one to pay you. Amazon will deposit funds in your bank account (savings or checking) on a regular basis and will notify you when your payment is on its way.

This Amazing Selling Machine 8 review can help you through these steps and more as you begin your Amazon selling venture.

What Can You Sell on Amazon?

The possibilities are endless. Individuals can sell the following items (without permission, for the most part, but some of these categories do require prior restraint from Amazon before selling):

Amazon Device Accessories
Amazon Kindle
Baby Products (Not Including Apparel)
Cameras and Photo
Cell Phones
Electronics (Consumer and Accessories)
Home and Garden
Musical Instruments
Office Products
Personal Computers Software and Computer Games
Tools and Home Improvement
Toys and Games
Video, DVD and Blu-Ray

Professional Sellers are eligible for the following additional categories:

Automotive and Powersports
Business Products (B2B)
Clothing and Accessories
Grocery and Gourmet Food
Health and Personal Care
Luggage and Travel Accessories
Professional Services (Electrical, Plumbing and more)
Shoes, Boots, Sandals, Slippers, Handbags, Sunglasses, Eyewear Frames
Movies, TV
All Watches

In addition, you may want to check the Amazon Services’ category approval section to see categories that are available but aren’t accepting new sellers at this time. Always check on these categories if see if there are new seller openings. Some categories also have new, used and collectible requirements. There is also a Handmade category with its own set of regulations. See more on

What Is Amazon Fulfillment?

Amazon Fulfillment could save you time and energy as your items are sold and need to be shipped. If you have wholesale items, for example, it could make sense to have Amazon store your items in one of its warehouses. Then, when an item sells, it can be directly shipped by Amazon. This saves you from having to pick, pack and ship your items and provides much-needed customer service. You could also reach multiple customer bases, which is a win-win for your bottom line. You can create free two-day shipping for Amazon Prime members, and buyers will have peace of mind knowing it’s coming from Amazon’s warehouse. This will build your reputation as a seller. You can pay as you go in terms of storage space. The Amazing Selling Machine 8 will give you tips and more so you can decide which shipping option is best for you and your business.

This entire model is called the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Model, and it could be what you need to build your brand and drive customers to your Amazon goods and other streams. You could become a Best Seller, and who knows, maybe that six-figure salary is attainable for you.

Thanks for checking out my Amazing Selling Machine 8 review. For more information please click here.

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