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Posted in News on January 22, 2017
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I'm pleased to announce that Operation Physical Products is now open for an undetermined amount of time. There is a new webinar with Jason Fladlien and Wil Mattos that goes over the whole course in great detail. An amazing new bonus is the OPP Masters section that I recently discussed. Original members (including myself) had to pay extra for this when OPP was launched.

The webinar runs about 2 hours and 30 minutes. If you are serious about achieving success with the Amazon FBA program this is a must see. Two and a half hours may seem long but Jason and Will also answer a couple of dozen frequently asked questions and discuss the money back guarantee conditions. The link to the sales page appears at about the 1:30 point in the webinar if you want to check out all the details.

Some subjects covered include how much time is required to work at this, what kind of investment in inventory is required and whether or not you can do this from outside the U.S. (yes) There is a fairly substantial investment required for the course (a payment plan is available) and almost any question you may have is answered.

Both Wil and Jason along with the team at Rapid Crush want you to succeed.  Any other questions you may have can be answered by contacting support (at)

The webinar is available for a limited time. Please check it out by clicking on the image below or the link here. Thanks.

operation physical products review webinar

If you decide to buy this course through any links on my site please be aware that I may receive a commission. I'll admit I am slightly biased as my business partner and myself have been successful on Amazon using the methods, techniques and tools provided through the OPP course.

Also, please remember the Operation Physical Products bonus I offer. Please read that page carefully to make sure you qualify for my two Amazon FBA jumpstart bonuses.

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