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Posted in News on September 8, 2016
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Jason, Wil and the rest of the Rapid Crush team have come up with an outstanding bonus package for Operation Physical Products. Read the details below and please remember that the limited time webinar may still be available here.

The Amazing Operation Physical Products Bonuses

The Operation Physical Products offers amazing deals and bonuses that individuals will surely appreciate and enjoy. These include the following:

  • The $75 000 Per Day Man

Ezra Firestone is a knowledgeable course instructor and a masterful teacher relying on his experience of being able to establish numerous seven figure e-commerce business over the years. Right now, his best brand actually generates about $75,000 in sales per day.

  • World-class Content

Lifetime access to exclusive hundreds of PDFs, videos as well as standard operating procedures are part of the amazing offer. This also include course curriculum that is built around various pages of Amazon sellers feedback that actually went from zero to maximum of eight figures. Each step in this process was made available and documented for you.

  • Full Support

Smart Marketing team including the Creative Director Carrie, the Chief Marketing Officer Boris, the Lead Developer Nick and the Chief Strategy Officer Chris will support you. There are more members of the team are also more than willing to support you all the way.

  • Powerful Members’ Area

You can also expect for a fully-responsive and powerful members’ area which you can easily access using your mobile phone, tablet or desktop. The unique belt and badge system allows you to track your milestones and progress as you go all over Operation Physical Products course.

Bonus Packages You Can Get and Enjoy When You Sign Up

  • Bonus 1-Fastest Path to Great Profits

The Operation Physical Products drips content relatively our over ten (10) weeks, a single module at a time. With their help, you will be able to go as quick as you want. You will also be provided with list of suppliers from US and China. So if you wanted to go fast, you definitely have sufficient information in these bonuses allowing you to source your products even prior to the opening of OPP Module 2.

  • Bonus 2- Amazon Listing Optimization Guide

In this guide, you will find ways to help you improve your Amazon conversion. You will also discover more in this bonus such as product titles, key product features, image secrets, reviews, product descriptions and so much more.

  • Bonus 3- Ben Cumming Coaching Recordings

This bonus gives you the chance to access the greatest, most cutting-edge and latest coaching recordings of Ben Cumming that show what he actually does on his Amazon business. You can have a taste of the $10,000 Picking Method which is a unique and step by step method used by Ben himself to pick the best products providing him with about 80% of average earnings per month. You will also learn ways on how to flood your own Iisting with Amazon-powered, quality and real reviews in just two weeks. You will discover ways on how to launch new Amazon products and discover the proper way of using the Amazon “sales multiplier” plus a top secret and brand new launch weapon.

  • Bonus 4 – The Amazon Automation and Enhancement Suite or the Super Seller Suite

In this bonus, you will get access to Product Sniper, Product Prospector, Azon Oracle, Keyword Optimizer, Spyglass, UPC, Rank Checker and Alert. These are reliable tools that can help you track or improve your Amazon selling.

  • Bonus 5- China Concierge

Getting products sourced from China has been perfected just for you. With the China Concierge Program you can get free services for 8 weeks including finding suppliers for products that you wanted to source, communicating with suppliers regarding your needs, negotiating prices on your behalf, getting help when placing your orders and more. Previous members of OPP Masters loved this service and now.

  • Bonus 6- The 10 Keyword Inspector Credits

It is true that you can obtain traffic when copy pasting keyword in you Amazon listing but the real challenge here is to know the right keywords that should be put in there. Finding the right keywords and analyzing them really takes time and seems challenging to decide on. This bonus can help you deal with this matter.

  • Bonus 7- 0-100K with Amazon Plus Adwords

This method is what James Watson shared with Jason Fladlien. This is perfect for those with limited budget so they better try this out. This will allow individuals take the steps exactly used by James when setting up his ads and what he bids for every click and how he figures out the amount of profit he will make in every sale.

  • Bonus 8- This Year’s Biggest Amazon Event

The event took take place on February 19th in Las Vegas. Includes great speakers, cutting-edge techniques, expert camera crew and more. This covers Karen Waksman shows which will teach you how to take products you offer and sell on Amazon and obtain retail placements on leading retail stores, success Amazon selling story of Raul Meza and Ben Cummings shows. Shelby Larson will also explain ways on how to get viral Amazon reviews, Dan Hollings reveals ways to make products irresistible and outstanding and more.

  • Bonus 9- The Matrix Software

This little yet powerful tool can unveil the perfect products for you to sell or source on Amazon. This tool is accompanied by Jason Fladien’s training showing right ways on revealing highly in demand products that tend to get unnoticed by other Amazon sellers.

  • Bonus 10-Amazon Intelligence and Follow-up Software

Two amazing softwares were created to help you grow your Amazon business. These include SellerMail which automatically sends emails to customers after making their purchase and the ManageByStats which help you obtain real-world knowledge as well as reporting on your customers and business. These software are extremely powerful.

  • Bonus 11-Virap App 2.0

This app can guarantee that your Amazon presence, sales and your brand will be simultaneously growing.

Follow the qualification requirements to get the amazing bonuses. With these, you are guaranteed to generate profit within two months no matter what. Of course, you need to follow the right plan and do the tasks as described in the guarantee.

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