Updates To OPP Masters

Posted in News on August 6, 2016

OPP Masters is an optional bonus area for Operation Physical Products members. This section includes modules and software to help propel your Amazon FBA business to a higher level.

The most recent update has added training on Amazon Sponsored ads by Solid Search Marketing. Sponsored ads are essential to launching products and growing your business. However, the Amazon Sponsored Ads program changes constantly so some information that worked a year ago may be useless or counterproductive in August 2016.

Some of the current 14 items included are:

  • OPP Masters Facebook Group - This is a great resource for sharing information among members.
  • Ben Cummings Coaching - 2 months of group coaching from Ben Cummings
  • Keyword Inspector - how to get the most out of this vital tool for FBA sellers
  • AmazoLocal Training - Dan Holling's training on how to build a new revenue stream in your FBA business

Please contact me if you would like a full list of current bonuses. I'm not sure if some of them are meant to be made public.

OPP Masters Bonus Area

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